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Major investment for LifeTime — Thieme invests in the digital health record

The GmbH has yet made another major step in driving the medical industries’ digital transformation: the company closed an interim financing round with over €1 million. Key investor of the additional funding is Thieme, along with HTGF (Germany´s leading seed stage investor) as well as the head of a major German research organization (the Fraunhofer-Society), a number of physicians and further investors. Additional capital originates from funds provided by the city of Hamburg, the innovation-fund of the German federal government as well as the European Union.

To a large extent, the fresh capital originates from Thieme, the leading German provider of media and services in the field of medicine and health.

“The possibility of a direct and digital data transfer between doctors and patients is a novelty. LifeTime is differing from other solutions in the way that patients` data remains exclusively on their smartphones instead of being saved in a cloud. This is very convincing.” says Dr. h.c. Albrecht Hauff, Chief Executive of Thieme.

With LifeTimes’ support, Thieme is advancing its own digital portfolio by another important component. The 130 year old family business will enrich LifeTime with medical content. GmbH is the first digital health company financed by the Innovation-fund of the German federal government.

“The investment we received by Thieme is a breakthrough for us. Since over 130 years, Thieme has a profound understanding of the market and the support of an excellent network. With this first step of the Series-A financing round, we will be able to increase our sales in Hamburg and its surrounding regions.”, says Dr. med. Johannes Jacubeit, CEO and founder of the GmbH.

The LifeTime App and its corresponding hardware provided to physicians is a new method of exchanging medical documents digitally. After receiving this latest interim financing, the company is currently capitalized with more than 3€ Million.

Ann-Christin Vahl

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