LifeTime Journal

How instant feedback will disrupt your health

People now days strive to live long & healthy lives. After the enjoyable part of life, most people I talked to, would prefer a sudden death. But how do you know if your “healthy” lifestyle is truly healthy and if it will lead to a long & healthy life?

People eat vegetarian, vegan, conscious food, paleo diet, Atkins no carb and so on. The impact of those diets can be measured, e.g. eating no carbohydrates results in a acidosis — sour blood. Whatever the choice, “healthy” diet choices display in us a thoughtful approach towards food- definitely a good thing.

Expanding this thoughtful mindset to all our actions is one of the paradigm shifts happening right now. As the quantified self becomes mainstream and affordable, we will not only get the chance to know which diet will result in more power, endurance & longer health but also what actions will alter our health permanently. We will be able to midify our actions before they impact our lives negatively.

In the last century people went to the doctor whenever they had an acute or chronic problem. After acquiring data through patients our treatment goal is Restitutio ad Integrum (restoration to original condition). More often than not, this goal is not achievable.

The empowered patient, instant realization of medical informational needs, online medical services, genome analysis and technology will result in a disruption of health. Restitutio is not the goal any more; instead, our new treatment goal is transformatio ad optimum.

If you could know — based on predictive analytics correlated with your data — how to combine diet, activity & productivity to live a long & healthy life, would you like to know how? I assume there is no single answer, no golden rule. Rather ethno-social differences will lead to varying optimal combinations.

By consulting a health advisor before onset of acute or chronic problems, we will be able to set baselines and personal KPI’s to guide us. Technology will instantaneously indicate if we are on the right path. With this feedback, we will know how to live with the highest likelihood of prolonged health… if we choose to listen to the signals.

Dr. Johannes Jacubeit