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Digital Health is the Biggest Paradigm Shift in Human History

Until recently, acquisition of the majority of health data was limited to the doctor’s ecosystem. With more than 3 billion people using smartphones in 2017, the world becomes more and more mobile enabled. Smartphones are multi-connected & context aware devices of the early 21st century enabling an exponential increase in continuous health data aggregation within the consumer-health ecosystem.

What used to be at the core of the physician’s profession — acquiring, prioritizing and contextualizing data — is fundamentally shifting towards developers, entrepreneurs and investors. Digital health is the integration of genomics, physiological and pathological data, from a vast diversity of sources, combined with longitudinal health data by billions of people. A massive opportunity, if the profound trust surrounding the doctor patient interaction is also found within their digital interaction.

When the doctors & the patients ecosystems connect, data acquisition and data exchange is the most important part of it. Both use a different toolsets. Thus being agnostic to the individual perspectives and preferences is key.

LifeTime is a connected, distributed & ecosystem-agnostic platform for humans, devices & stakeholders, to truly enable digital health.

The LifeTime App is the single place to connect your health ecosystem with your doctor’s ecosystem. It’s a freemium App for everyone, making it beautifully simple to hold your health in your hand. Patients have 100% control over their health data, and its dissemination to clouds, medical IT-systems and analytic engines.

Doctors become one of the many data sources for patients, a rather valuable one.

The LifeTime Hub is a small IoT hardware for the medical field. It provides multiple channels allowing a seamless connection of devices, humans and stakeholders in medical environments. Plug`n play, it enables a direct data exchange between the patient’s smartphone and the doctors IT, automating the flow of patients and their health data.

The connected health of billions of people is a win for you and for everyone.

I am grateful to be able to responsibly contribute to the digital health paradigm shift.

Dr. med. Johannes Jacubeit

Dr. Johannes Jacubeit