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Personalized Medicine — what does it actually stand for?

Traditionally, personalized medicine refers to a therapie based on genetics and cellular properties. But does personalization not also include biomarkers, psychomarkers and sociomarkers.

Now, that the world gets a new dimension — digital health — the view on personalized medicine changes:

Digital health combines them all.

Through the newest technological developments and the ease of use we are all accustomed to (WhatsApp, iPhone, Snapchat), many aspects of our lives have been influenced:

  • behavior (e.g. Pokemon, sleep cycle optimiziation, etc)
  • measurements of psychodynamics (vocal fremitus, chat intensity, mood in social media)
  • activity (e.g. through Apple’s M8 chip)
  • accessibility of omics (23andme, specific omics kits) and medical data

In the future, it will get cheaper and cheaper for consumers to get individual sets of omics data and to print or assemble personalized pharmaco-molecules on demand and on premise.

But the true potential arises when we include digital feedback loops to measure basic data like blood pressure, weight, activity, etc. and even more sophisticated methods of measuring vocal fremitus, tremor, vigilance and reflexes by using the sensors in various devices.

This aggregation, interpretation and databased extrapolation provides the basis for personalized alteration of treatment instructions, behavioral changes and impact of molecules taken. This — in my opinion — is truly personalized medicine enabled through digital health.

Dr. Johannes Jacubeit